Credits and Lyrics

“This is Vilnius”

A love song for Vilnius
by Mark Splinter

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“I’m an immigrant, like so many of this city’s people for so many centuries. I don’t really know how I found Vilnius, but I chose to live here and she accepted me with a hug. I love this city and I always wanted to write a love song for her. Now she is in trouble, I am releasing the song for free to encourage people to donate money to medics. Let’s share some love for Vilnius, long may she live.”

– Mark Splinter

Composed and performed by
Rob Meyer and Mark Adam Harold
Photography by Andrej Vasilenko
Mastered by Denis Teluchin at


This is Vilnius
This is Vilnius
She was here
Long before us

This is Vilnius
She adores us
Every street
Kisses our feet

This is Vilnius
She can hear us
Standing tall
All around us

We were lost
But she found us
This is Vilnius. Every wall
Was built for us all